Must go get Vitamin D!

The sun was shining, no rain in sight, and it was in the 60s today in our neck of the woods.  This is a rare occurrence in the Pacific Northwest, especially in March.  As usual, there was a lot of things I needed to cram into this busy school night like dinner, homework, and a Boy Scout pack meeting.  The kids didn’t want to come in after getting off of the school bus, but we didn’t have much time to spare playing outside this evening.  Instead of dragging my kiddos inside, we came up with a way to get done what must be done and get some Vitamin D from being outside in the sun.  I had my son practice his spelling words in the driveway with sidewalk chalk that my older 2 kids got for Easter!  IMG_1624He was still able to get in the practice he needs while being outside so that I could keep an eye on my toddler pushing around her bubble mower that she got for Easter.  Everyone was happy with the extra playtime outside and my son didn’t feel like he was doing homework.  It had an added benefit that my son worked extra hard on his words because he didn’t want the other kids playing outside to see that he had misspelled any of the words.  After the spelling words were practice, I moved on to dinner…we grilled of course.

I wanted to run to the store today to stock up on half price Easter candy.  Cadbury creme eggs are my husband’s favorite.  While I was at the store, I checked out the other clearance sections and stumbled upon some ground beef marked down to $2.99/ lb.  I will not spend more than $2.99/lb on any meat unless it is for a holiday meal.  IMG_1626Mostly we eat ground turkey instead of ground beef because it is cheaper and healthier, so the ground beef was a real treat.  I served up the flamed grilled burgers with oven baked sweet potato fries, and a cauliflower and broccoli mussgo salad from bits of veggies and a few slices of leftover bacon hanging around in the fridge.  Although we didn’t have much time to play outside in the gorgeous sunny weather, we did get to enjoy spending time outside going about our daily routine.  Life is what you make of it, so might as well make it fun!

-Mussgo Momma

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