Weekly Meal Plan May 13-19, 2016

I’m trying to stick with some simpler meals that are quick to make, grilled outside,  or can be thrown in the crock pot for a prep and forget dinner.  As the summer gets closer, it seems my life gets more hectic with kids’ activities and family weekend camping trips, so I am trying to get some freezer meals made before summer vacation gets here and we spend lazy days on the beach.

As a mom a beach day is anything but lazy…constantly doing head counts, reapplying sun block, and telling Baby to not eat the sand.  Gone are the days of relaxing ocean side and loosing myself in a good book for the afternoon.  Those days will come again, so I will enjoy building sand castles and jumping over waves with my kids this summer while they still want to play with me.

Meanwhile, I still need to feed these rambunctious kids of mine, and the older 2 definitely have the veracious appetite of growing kids.  I’m glad the the produce prices are dropping as new crops are being grown more locally.  I look at the produce sales each week and buy those fruits and vegetables and plan my meals around them.  I can’t wait until the price of sweet corn drops and we can throw it on the grill to get a nice charred flavor.  In the meantime though, I’m taking full advantage of the asparagus that is in season and throwing that on the grill or in a quiche in this weeks meal plan.   I need to take the picture of the food faster too, it seems like it has been disappearing into my hungry kids’ mouths before I got the chance snap a picture for the blog.


  • Meatball marinara and Mozzarella sandwiches on rolls ( I doubled this recipe and used 1 lb ground sausage and 1 lb ground turkey and then froze half of the meatballs.  I also baked them instead of frying, then tossed them in store bought marinara sauce.)
  • Oven fries
  • Veggie sticks with dip


Use the Chicken roasted last week or rotisserie chicken from Costco!






  • Mussgo
    • Meatballs left over from Friday over pasta
    • Top leftover chicken tortilla soup with a prepared box of cornbread mix for a Mexican casserole…Add tortilla chips to thicken soup if it is to thin.

Thursday really is going to be mussgo out the fridge day for us and not re-purposing it and taking the chance of creating more leftovers.  We are going camping over the weekend for 2 nights, and I want to try my hand at campfire cast iron baking.  It might be too ambitious, as it will be Baby’s first time camping, so we shall see how it goes.  I’m hoping to try to bake up some homemade bread and a peach cobbler in my cast iron dutch oven over the campfire, so I must go do some research on that.  I hope to post how the dutch oven campfire cooking turns out as well as let you know how our weekend camping trip turns out in my next post.

-Mussgo Momma


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