Weekly Meal Plan June 10- June 16, 2016 and biking to the beach

This past Saturday was a HOT one here is Astoria.  We had to get out of our house because we don’t have air conditioning and the temperature inside was pushing 80 as the temps outside were climbing to nearly 90!IMG_2558  Temps this high make for a nice beach day, especially with the cool onshore winds.  We decided to load up the bikes and try out the Discovery Trail in Washington and bike along the beach before stopping to play in the sand.  Parking at Beard’s Hollow was easy to find, even for being a free state park day, and much easier to come by than actually driving up to Long Beach.  We ended up riding about 7 1/2 miles on Saturday round trip on a nice paved trail along the beach.  The ocean breezes kept us cool while peddling, and a little chillier than Fancy and Baby liked while on the beach.  longbeachWe had a fun filled day and escaped the heat.  I packed us up a picnic made out of mussgo from the fridge to eat on the beach.  The chicken pesto sandwiches were made with fresh basil from the living basil plant that I bought in the grocery store score post that is still producing lots of basil leaves.  I guess I’ll have to start cooking more at dinner now that school is about to let out for summer so we have enough mussgo to give us all lunch. Here is what’s cooking this week at my house…


  • Homemade maragarita and 3 meat pizza
  • Garden salad
  • Fresh watermelon


  • Mussgo, freezer meal, or meal not prepped from last week…we had a picnic  on the beach and frozen custard for dessert


MondayIMG_2586 (1)

  • Tofu, pepper, and pineapple stir fry with tangy sweet and sour sauce (cook 1 inch diced tofu in oil unil golden brown.  Addin in peppers and pineapple and cook until heated trhough.  Top with sweet and sour sauce)
  • Veggie fried rice
  • Fresh chilled watermelon


  • Ground beef tacos with all the fixin’s
  • Guacamole salad
  • Charred corn on the cob with Tapatio butter (soak corn in husks in water, transfer to hot grill, cook on medium high until husks are black and corn kernels are charred)


  • Salmon burgers ( store bought or used canned salmon to make your own)
  • Oven fries
  • Baked beans (I made homemade, but you can used your favorite canned product)


  • Mussgo
    • Make Mexican pizza from Tuesday’s leftovers
    • Use leftover crumbled salmon burgers and leftover green beans for a mussgo take on nicoise salad

One last tidbit…the only good burn this this week was the grilled corn.  Make sure you apply more sunblock to your shoulders and arms when switching from a short sleeve tee to a tank top, especially if you burn easily like me!

-Mussgo Momma


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