Amazon TOS change and California Basics Home Brewing 16 oz Glass Bottles

In light of the new Amazon Terms of service agreement, it seems like my time of reviewing may have ended. I’m really hoping to keep helping sellers out and getting some awesome products to beta test by posting some of my favorite products on my blog. IMG_4613One of these products is California Basics Home Brewing 16 oz Glass Bottles with Caps that fit in   perfectly with my reduce, reuse, recycle lifestyle that includes all things from cloth diapers, cloth napkins, mama cloth, and even these cool glass bottles. We are able to get away from plastics and the worry of BPAs with these clear glass bottles. Here’s what I had to say about these bottles that I have had the pleasure of using the last 2 months…

I bought these to make up bottles of lemonade to take to the summer picnics we go to. I have a killer strawberry lemonade recipe that everyone loves, so I am always asked to make it for get togethers. I had just been making a pitcher, but that was not easy to transport. IMG_3965 (1)Once I saw these reusable clear glass bottles, I knew they would be perfect for taking strawberry lemonade along to the picnics. The clear glass allows everyone to see all the muddled strawberries and bits of fresh lemon floating in the lemonade so they know it is the real deal. The plastic and rubber stopper fits on nicely, but the metal fasteners were a little loose and would come unattached from the bottle and fly across the room like a champagne cork even when just popping open an empty glass bottle. The metal that holds on the stopper on was easily bend a little to make it have a tighter fit onto the bottleIMG_4614. Overall, I love that these bottles are reusable and are decorative as well as functional! I received this product at a reduced cost. All opinions are my own and I in no way guarantee a positive review.

If you are interested in transitioning to blog or social share reviewing, we can learn together. I am thankful for the last 11 months that I have been an Amazon reviewer and went from a 6 million ranking down to the top 5 thousand reviewers. This tells me that my opinions and reviews of the products are actually useful, so i’m going to continue as long as I can!

-Mussgo Momma (self proclaimed reviewing Queen)

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