Meet the Mussgo Momma

Hey friends! I’m Amanda, and am thrilled you decided to visit my blog.  Blogging is a new venture for me, but after my husband kept telling me I have some interesting experiences and information to share, I decided to give it a try.

The Mussgo Momma name of the blog came about as a “shower thought” and is based on a few things. 1904045_10152262967438685_111430018_n The first is that we are a Coast Guard family and so often we are told we “must go” to a new duty station.  At first I was very apprehensive of moving away from the rest of my family, but I have come to embrace and even enjoy getting to experience different parts of the country.  So far I have had the pleasure of living in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, the beaches of Cape Cod Massachusetts, the wild and wonderful eastern panhandle of West Virginia, the remote rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula, and currently in beautiful Astoria, Oregon.  We know that we must go and experience the local area and everything it has to offer, while we have the pleasure of living there for a few short years. 10450433_10152894139568642_7997506037019321160_n I have had the opportunity to go rafting on some amazing whitewater, relax on the pristine beaches of Cape Cod, hike parts of the Appalachian trail and explore the country’s capital, go back country camping on some of the most remote beaches with gorgeous tide pools in Olympic National park, and go digging for razor clams on the Oregon coast!


Along the way, I met my husband (while I was still in high school) and had 3 amazing kids!  As a mom of 3 young children there is always something I must go do. 11173401_10153282759358685_6316869001566736067_n Whether I need to nurse my youngest,  pump another bottle for the milk bank, take care of the cloth diaper laundry, help practice spelling words, write Amazon reviews, crochet another granny square for a new ‘lovie’ blanket, or cook and bake up a wholesome family meal… there is always something calling my name.  I wouldn’t have it any other way and that’s why I love being a stay at home mom. IMG_0088 I choose to give up a full time career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist because my heart was at home.  Although I do occasionally put in some hours in a hospital laboratory, my passion is my family and providing the best that I can for them.  They have come to turn their nose up at store bought breads and baked goods, and I am happy to create in the kitchen, especially with their little hands helping and minds growing from the homemade goodies.


The spelling of mussgo comes from what we call leftovers in our home.  My kids have come to look forward to our mussgo nights of food that must go from the fridge. IMG_1350 I’ve picked up many cooking and baking skills along the way and have a lot of tips and tricks to share with you.  Living in the remote Olympic peninsula we only did monthly shopping trips as large box stores such as Wal-Mart and Costco were over an hour drive one way.  I’ve learned to shop smart, use my pantry wisely, and prepare wholesome meals and fresh baked gourmet breads in my kitchen because there were limited options for shopping or eating out in the small town we lived in.


Hopefully, my blogging journey will give you some new tips and tricks or introduce you to something you’ve wondered about but weren’t sure you wanted to jump in to.  In the process, I hope to learn from you as well.  Most of all, I hope to have an other great adventure, but for now I must go.

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