Weekly Meal Plan May 27-June 3, 2016 and LETTUCE!

I was finally able to harvest some of the lettuces I planted in my garden for this weeks meals.  The leaf lettuce, sugar snap peas, and radishes are doing really well.  The kids were really IMG_2314excited when we got to pick the first radish out of the garden.  It was a little spicier than I expected, and I even made sure to follow the instructions on the seed packet to keep them well watered to prevent them from being “hot”.  I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest with lots of rain for Pete’s sake!  On top of rainfall, I have religiously watered the garden.  The slight spicy radishes are still good, especially on fish tacos!  I like the peppery bite of thin shaved radish on top of the buttery lettuce I’ve been harvesting form the garden.  I haven’t bought lettuces for over 2 weeks and have been picking exclusively from the backyard.  It grows back faster after it’s cut, I swear.  I think I have more lettuce than I started with!  I really hope the tomato plants take off like the that…they have lots of blossoms, but the weather has been so chilly lately that most of the plants in my garden seem to be on pause.  The pea shoots are really tall, but I can’t tell if the pea pods are actually growing yet or if the kids are picking them off and eating them as soon as they grow.

IMG_2403Brickman has always had a love of vegetables.  When he was around 2 we had to buy a whole case of broccoli from the farmers market because he decided to sample a bite out of a bunch of heads
of broccoli.  It was no surprise that Brickman choose to plant broccoli when I asked him what he wanted to grow in the garden.  We have 6 broccoli plants, 3 of which have started growing tiny florets and Brickman is SOOO EXCITED!

With the abundance of lettuces I have to use, I have no excuse not to eat healthier.  I incorporated salad as a side dish in the menu a few times this week because the lettuce mussgo!




  • Freezer meal, mussgo, or meal not used last week




  • Slow cooker pork carnitas  – I used pork butt instead of beef and a can of diced tomatoes with chilies since I didn’t have just canned chilies.  It made a delicious sauce for the beef.  We had Coastie friends over (who were getting there house packed up) over kind of last minute for dinner, so I stretched this meal by adding in a can of refried beans and the result was a creamy texture to the carnitas.)IMG_2406
  • Mexican rice casserole
  • Pepper and Avocado salad
  • Tres Leches cake



  • Mussgo
    • Cold chicken satay noodle salad using leftover chicken from Friday
    • Taco salad using mussgo from Tuesday’s beef and Wednesday’s salad, can slice leftover corn off the cob to add to the salad


Now, I must go make something to eat.  Bby must be growing because she has been nursing and sleeping a lot today and I’ve been nap trapped.  Maybe I’ll make a lettuce wrap…

-Mussgo Momma


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