My secrets to Amazon product pitching!

Some of you are going to look at this title and think, what the heck!?!, while others are going to be reading ahead to see what I have to say and skipping the explanation for the newbies altogether.  So, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about but want to get free products from Amazon, check out these 2 posts>>>Amazon Reviewing Intro and How to Review Part 2 to get up to speed on these awesome deals.

I’ve been quite lucky in pitching to Amazon sellers through e-mail.  I have pitched about 10 sellers and have been chosen to be a ongoing reviewer for  3 of them and have gotten one product from a few others.  From privately pitching the sellers directly and forgoing the Facebook groups, I am not competing with all the other reviewers who are opting in on the same products.  So far through pitching emails, I have received 15 items from those 3 main sellers with a total retail value of over $800.   So, what did I pay? Well, besides the time in writing reviews and filming videos, I only spent $2.11!  Talk about a return on investment!  So how do I do it?  Well here are my 5 main tips…

  1. Pursue sellers who would be interested!  

A good indication if a seller may be interested is to see if they pay for sponsored ads on Amazon.  These are the sellers who are investing money to get their product out there on Amazon and are desperate for their product to be viewed.  See the red red arrows there, they are pointing to sponsored items, so the sellers in the red boxes would be great candidates to contact.




Contacting a seller through Amazon is a sure fire way to be tagged as having a relationship with a seller.  Do a little leg work and Google the seller to find their contact information. Send them an e-mail through your private e-mail account directly to their contact e-mail.


3.  Share information about yourself and why the products would be a good fit for you.  It’s like writing a resume, take time to learn a little about the company or product you are pitching for.  Just a word of advise, if the company is foreign, keep the text simple as English might  be a second language.  Add links in for the products to make it easy from the company to know what you are asking for.  Here is a sample e-mail I have sent to pitch for a hammock…

I am a seasoned and top rated Amazon reviewer providing well written, photo, and video reviews in exchange for free or deeply discounted products.  I have noticed that your Amazon listings are lacking video reviews, and would be happy to provide them for some of your products.  I will gladly review any of your products, but I am particularly interested in reviewing these products…

Amazon link to product #1

Amazon link to product #2

We lead a very active outdoor lifestyle and have a back deck overlooking the Pacific Coast that would provide a great video review for you product.  You can read more about me on my blog and see some of the amazing Amazon reviews I do at the following links.

Amazon profile link here



Your name here


4.  Be upfront about what kinds or reviews you will provide and what price point you are willing to pay!  Most sellers will prefer video reviews, so if you can provide those, offer them upfront.  I’ve had a seller reply to me offering a 20% off code before I specified that I wanted the product free or deeply discounted.  If a seller comes back offering a product at a price higher than you want to pay, don’t hesitate to e-mail them back saying that your reviews are highly sought after, so you would like the product for free or at a 99% discount.  I have successfully gotten a free promo code from one that was originally offered as slightly discounted.  Sell yourself!


5.  Be proactive!  

  • Take any product offered, even if it isn’t the one you wanted…get the status of a reliable reviewer established!
  • Follow up with one additional e-mail if you do not get a response.
  • E-mail order numbers with a quick thank you once the product is ordered.
  • Get your promised review in within a week of receiving.  E-mail the permalink in once the pictures and video are live.  A quick turn around time is essential to getting more products.
  • Pitch for another product from the same seller when turning in you quality review.  I’ve never been turned down for another product when submitting it with a permalink!


Once relationships with sellers are established, they may ask you to keep reviewing their products.  I have received 9 items from the same seller, and get a list of items I can choose from instead of just getting what they need reviews for most.  Make sure you are reviewing other products, including full price purchases, in between reviewing items from the same seller.  I will only write one review per seller every 5 days, and so far I have not been pegged for having a “relationship with seller” by Amazon.

Sometimes, the sellers will even ask if you have any friends who would like to review their products.  I have one of those sellers now, so shoot me your e-mail through the Mussgo Momma Facebook page if you would like this seller’s contact info.  Oh, and I would be quite grateful if you would return the favor once you get your pitched products coming in!


Happy Reviewing!

-Mussgo Momma



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